Jagat B. Dahal

Born in 1972, in Jiri (trekking starting point of Mt. Everest in Nepal), his step in tourism was as a Store Keeper in one of the trekking companies and later he promoted as a trekking guide for the same company. During the period of his guided, he led uncountable trekking groups to the several mountain regions of the Himalayas. His Majesty of Tourism and Training Center of Nepal has also awarded him with Trekking guide certificate. In 1993, he joined a Dutch Marketing and Tour Operator Company as a Tour Leader. He has a long experience in the wide fields of the trekking and travel which, is not only limited in Nepal but has achieved a great experience and knowledge in India, Bhutan and Tibet by operating a large number of tours and trek package of the people from all over the world who have made their holidays from the Lost Paddle Adventure and trekking company. Besides, Mr. Dahal himself has already traveled in many countries of Europe and Asia.